Project Malawi is a ministry of David and Gillian Mason which arose from an invitation from a Malawian Christian pastor for them to visit Malawi and do some bible teaching for village pastors. Each year since 2003 visits have been made , sometimes with a team, and a distinctive ministry working alongside Malawians has been developed. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in Africa 80% of the population still live in villages which have no piped water, no effective sanitation and no electricity. Subsistence farming is the main activity of these people and the maize crop which is the staple source of food is very dependent on weather patterns. Arising from the regular visits a network of contacts has been developed and local people supported with various projects they have identified.

Project Malawi Trust  was established in 2005 and registered with the Charity Commission in 2006. Full financial reports and trustee information can be found by clicking on the link below:

Project Malawi Trust registration number 1113414

Collaboration - we believe it is vital that we work collaboratively with the Malawian people and be guided by them in the work we do.In our work as bible teachers we work with Community Bible Study International (CBSI) Malawi supporting and encouraging the leadership and classes across the country. This network gives us access to many of the needy communities in which are projects are based. Further information about this ministry can be found at and CBSI UK

Our work with village pastors is mainly through Christian Resource Ministries which has a network of some 580 village churches largely in the Southern region. The training of pastors is ongoing as is women's literacy work